What is the most expensive license plate sold at an auction in Jersey?

What is the most expensive license plate sold at an auction in Jersey?

The island of Jersey , one of the Channel Islands belonging to the United Kingdom , there is a system of registration differentiated from that of Great Britain. All Jersey enrollments begin with the letter J (or JSY for license plates awarded at auctions), followed by up to five numbers.

Recently in an auction, the island’s record of the “most expensive” license plate has been established, a figure that has reached 100000 Euros (€).

In Jersey, license plate auctions are not allowed. That is why when a sale of a specific registration is carried out, the vehicle that carries it is auctioned. Then, the new owner of this vehicle obtained in the auction can place their new license plates in a new car. This is because, on the island of Jersey, an owner can maintain license plates or request new ones when changing vehicles.

Find out for how much money the most expensive license plates on the island of Jersey GBJ have been auctioned.

Occasionally, auctions are held in which it is possible to acquire registrations that are not in use. The low numbers and the number plates “007”, are usually the most coveted. In May 2018, the J007 registration reached at auction the £ 45000 (~ € 50200). However, this figure was practically doubled a month later, when the J19 registration reached 86,000 £ (~ 95,900 €). More recently, this same month of June, the record of the registration / vehicle auctioned for the highest amount of money on the island of Jersey has been broken, which has reached the 91000 £ (~ 101500 €), and has been the J68 registration, previously attributed to a second-hand Kymco moped that barely reached £ 1000 in value.

In 2017, the registration of two numbers J27 reached the 73,000 £ (~ 81500 €), and a year later, the registration J66666 reached 8000 £ (8930 €).

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