It is a document that states vehicle particulars in relation to European Commission (EC) Type Approval standards, along with other important information and vehicle facts. Our eCoC is an independent document obtained through a search starting from the chassis number of the technical characteristics of the vehicle. The Document is made up of 52 points where among the many are listed height, length, weight, emissions and where applicable also the EC type number assigned to this model, among the most important are the emission levels together with the EURO classification, the noise emission levels or the mass of the vehicle.

States Type Approval Number or status

if available, the data sheet will also indicate the EC type approval number

States emissions rating (CO2)

if available, the data sheet will also indicate the EC type approval number

States TVV (Type, Variant and Version)

the data sheet shows the type, the varieante and the version of the vehicle (if applicable)


Our Technical Data Sheet called ecoc can be used all over the world in different scenarios. The peculiarity of this document is that it clearly and precisely reports all the technical data of a specific model, thus facilitating the retrieval of information on the technical specifications of our vehicle that would otherwise be difficult to trace. In the case that the original COC issued by the manufacturer is not available or not necessary, our “alternative” document ecoc can represent a valid alternative to obtain a complete technical data sheet. 

In the case of the transfer of vehicles between countries of the European Union, if the plate with the EC type number is present on the vehicle, the original COC of the manufacturer is not necessary, in this case our technical data sheet can be used to facilitate nationalization procedures. Allowing us a considerable saving in terms of money and time.

In the rest of the world, the functionality of the data sheet is always the same. When we want to nationalize a vehicle imported from abroad, our ECOC allows us to have a clear and precise document with all the specifications of that particular model listed in an orderly manner. The advantages are considerable because in most cases, if the language of the original document and that of the place do not coincide, a sworn translation of the vehicle registration document may be required. Our technical data sheet written in English but with instructions to be read in 27 languages allows us to solve this problem quickly. Considering also the fact that, with a few exceptions, most of the circulation books that are in use contain less than 20% of the technical information of the vehicle. Compared to our data sheet which contains 100%

Example of our document

On most occasions, our document is useful for registering vehicles. In particular cases it is not enough and must be integrated with something else. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible if the vehicle registration is refused. For this reason, by printing the sample document, it is possible to do a preventive check before purchasing.