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Whether you are a car enthusiast looking to register a new vehicle or a business owner looking to import vehicles into a new market, we have something for you. Our articles cover a variety of topics related to vehicle registration, including the necessary documents and procedures, fees and taxes, and any specific requirements or regulations that may apply. In addition to providing practical information and tips, we also keep you up to date on the latest news and developments related to vehicle registration in different countries. From changes in regulations and procedures to new fees and taxes, we make sure you have the information you need to successfully register your vehicle.

Here, we provide information and resources on emission tests like the WLTP and NEDC, as well as other tests used in different countries. Our articles cover how these tests are conducted, what they measure, and how the results are used. We also provide updates on the latest developments and regulations. n addition to the WLTP and NEDC, there are other emission tests that are used in different countries around the world. For example, the United States uses the Federal Test Procedure (FTP) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Test Procedure, while Japan has its own emission test called the Japanese Test Procedure (JATP).

A certificate of conformity (COC) is a document that certifies that a vehicle meets the regulatory standards of the country where it will be used. In Europe, the COC is known as the European Certificate of Conformity (ECC), in the US it is the Department of Transportation (DOT) certification label, in Russia it is the GOST-R certificate, and in Japan it is the Japanese Certificate of Conformity (JCC). Obtaining a COC can be a complex process and may require testing or documentation. COCs are country-specific and are only valid within the country where they were issued.

Vehicle agencies, also known as auto agencies or car bureaucracy agencies, are centers that provide assistance with tasks related to owning a vehicle. These agencies are authorized by the government to act as intermediaries between citizens and the government, facilitating the completion of tasks such as registering a vehicle or transferring vehicle ownership. Vehicle agencies also offer services such as driving schools and insurance agencies. Many countries also offer online services, such as the Automobile Owner’s Electronic Service (STA) and Semetra, that allow individuals to complete tasks related to vehicle ownership and operation from home. It is important to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements and services offered by vehicle agencies in your country or region.

License plates, also known as number plates or vehicle registration plates, are identification plates attached to vehicles. Each country and region has its own unique license plate design, and some countries have special plates for government officials or diplomatic vehicles. The Zoll plate and the Italian cardboard plate are both used for importing vehicles into a country on a temporary basis, with the Zoll plate issued by customs authorities and the Italian cardboard plate issued by Italian authorities. It is important to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements for license plates in your country or region, as well as any special plates that may be required for imported vehicles.