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Effortless Vehicle Documentation: Fast, Complete, Reliable

Eliminate the frustration of searching for technical information needed for vehicle registration or import/export. Our streamlined service offers all the vital details in a single, accessible place.

Comprehensive Car Data, Swiftly Delivered by COCEurope

Your time is valuable, and so is comprehensive information about your vehicle. COCEurope is dedicated to delivering your Complete Data Sheet (CDS) promptly for whatever your needs may be—registration, insurance, import/export—you name it.

We uphold a stringent transparency policy to keep your trust. While a CDS is distinct from a Certificate of Conformity (COC), it serves as an indispensable guide. Reach out to us now, wherever in the world you are, to receive your CDS.

Get your CdS to register the vehicle in your country.

The CdS is an independent complete data sheet and is the perfect alternative when a COC TESLA is not available or not necessary. It is a document that states vehicle particulars in relation to the European Commission (EC) Type Approval standards, together with the technical data of the vehicle.

Purchase CdS from us, the certificate will show:

  • The type approval number, if applicable
  • Vehicle identification number and TVV declaration (type, variant and version)
  • Classification of emissions (CO2) and consumption
  • All technical data of the vehicle, such as masses and dimensions, which will allow you to register your car in all states of the European Union or in other countries.

If you are bringing a vehicle to Europe or another country, you need a document indicating the EC type Approval number and that the vehicle meets regulatory standards and specifications such as technical and safety requirements. The CdS Complete Datasheet is the perfect alternative when an official COC TESLA is not available or not necessary.


If you plan to bring a vehicle to Europe or elsewhere, having a document that includes the Vehicle Type Approval Number can be helpful for testers and form filling. It can make the registration process more efficient and smoother.


Your CDS is essential when filling out the V55 form for UK registration, providing necessary information and any additional steps required for the DVLA application process.


The CdS (Complete Data Sheet) is essential for importing/exporting vehicles between the US/Canada and Europe. It streamlines the registration process by identifying CO2 emissions and avoiding individual inspection during import, and helps calculate import duties during export.

Your DATA SHEET (CdS) TESLA will include detailed information and specifications similar to the example provided.

You have the option to receive the data sheet in five different languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch. If you require the technical data sheet in a different language, please let us know during the order process, and we will do our best to accommodate your request and provide a translation in the desired language.

The technical data sheet is typically issued within 3-5 working days. For deliveries within 90% of European cities, the express courier service ensures delivery within 24 hours. For shipping outside Europe, we use express air mail, which delivers in 5-7 days. Additionally, a digital copy of the document can be provided free of charge as soon as it is issued, ensuring you have access to the information you need promptly.

To order a Complete Data Sheet (CdS) for your vehicle, you just need to fill out the form provided. You will be asked to attach a document containing relevant vehicle information, such as a purchase invoice or an equivalent document that includes the necessary vehicle data. This ensures that we can accurately generate the technical data sheet for your specific vehicle.

While the Complete Data Sheet (CdS) contains technical information specific to your vehicle’s model, you may need to update the data if you have made changes to the vehicle’s equipment. During the ordering process, you can use the “notes” section to provide any special requests or details about modifications you have made, such as installing different types of wheels not indicated in the registration document. This allows you to keep your CdS up-to-date with the most accurate information about your vehicle.

Yes, the Complete Data Sheet (CdS) provided by our service includes your vehicle’s EURO emission classification (EURO 1-2-3-4-5-6), giving you vital information on its environmental impact and compliance with emission standards. This information is essential for understanding your vehicle’s requirements and ensuring it meets the necessary regulations.

It’s essential to understand the nuances between a Certificate of Conformity (COC) and a Complete Data Sheet (CdS) to ensure a seamless experience with vehicle registration and import/export procedures. The COC is an official document issued by the manufacturer, containing crucial technical characteristics, vehicle approval codes, and confirming the vehicle’s compliance with relevant regulations and safety standards. Typically, this document accompanies all vehicles registered for the first time in Europe and must be requested directly from the manufacturer, often with wait times of 1-3 months.

On the other hand, the CdS is an alternative resource providing comprehensive technical data, akin to the COC. The information in the CdS is collected from official databases, greatly facilitating the completion of registration forms and customs procedures. While not an official document like the COC, the CdS offers a more accessible and efficient option for obtaining the necessary technical information to streamline your vehicle-related processes.