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    (es Tmax ,SH 300 , CBR , Monster Dark)

    If your car has already been registered in a country outside the European Union, click here.

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The Easiest way to register your car in all European states. Order your eCOC now and register your car quickly. 

Get your MERCEDES-BENZ VANS eCOC to register the vehicle in your country. The Mercedes-Benz Vans company was officially born in 1926, but its roots are much deeper in the past. In fact, Karl Benz in 1886 invented the internal combustion engine. In 1931 the very famous 170 W15 was presented, the first production car with independent four-wheel suspension. Mercedes-Benz Vans was already a famous and particularly famous car manufacturer at the time; all this thanks to its qualities and its power as regards the engine. The Mercedes 300 SL, in 1954, revolutionized the world of sports cars thanks to its special design and its direct injection petrol engine. In 1959 Mercedes-Benz Vans invented the programmed deformation bodyshell, which is a key element for car safety.

Subsequently, after decades of continuous innovations in the automotive field, they also arrived in the sports field. From the 2000s onwards, Mercedes-Benz Vans began investing much more in sports cars than before.

The eCOC is an independent certificate of conformity. Is a document that states vehicle particulars in relation to the European Commission (EC) Type Approval standards, together with the technical data of the vehicle.

Purchase eCoC from us, the certificate will show:

  • The type approval number, if applicable
  • Vehicle identification number and TVV declaration (type, variant and version)
  • Classification of emissions (CO2) and consumption
  • All technical data of the vehicle, such as masses and dimensions

which will allow you to register your car in all states of the European Union or in other countries.

If you are bringing a vehicle to Europe or another country, you need a document indicating the EC type Approval number and that the vehicle meets regulatory standards and specifications. Such as technical and safety requirements.

Needs Other Brand? We Can Supply eCoC For Any Vehicle

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From one European country to another European country or worldwide


register used vehicle in your country.


For export your used vehicle the eCOC will be helpful for ship it or take temporary licence plate in some country.


Better to have in your car for any case with registration document and insurance paper.