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The fastest way to get a complete technical data sheet and register or import / export your vehicle

Get your eCOC to register the vehicle in your country.

The eCOC is an independent certificate of conformity. It is a document that states vehicle particulars in relation to the European Commission (EC) Type Approval standards, together with the technical data of the vehicle.

Purchase eCoC from us, the certificate will show:

  • The type approval number, if applicable
  • Vehicle identification number and TVV declaration (type, variant and version)
  • Classification of emissions (CO2) and consumption
  • All technical data of the vehicle, such as masses and dimensions, which will allow you to register your car in all states of the European Union or in other countries.

If you are bringing a vehicle to Europe or another country, you need a document indicating the EC type Approval number and that the vehicle meets regulatory standards and specifications. Such as technical and safety requirements.


If you are taking a vehicle anywhere in Europe (or beyond), it helps to have a document handy that states the Vehicle Type Approval Number, if applicable. It helps if you have key vehicle information to-hand for a vehicle tester and for filling forms in.


If you are trying to fill in the V55 form for UK registration, your ecoc shows the information to complete it and what else you need to do for the DVLA application.


The technical data sheet is particularly important when importing a vehicle in the United States or Canada, or when exporting a vehicle to Europe from the same countries. In fact, the CdS document helps us in the registration phase to identify carbon dioxide emissions and avoid an expensive individual inspection. In the act of export, however, the technical data sheet can help us to easily calculate import duties in any country, thus significantly speeding up the process.

You can choose to receive the data sheet in 5 different languages. English, French, German, Italian, Dutch. On request we can translate the technical data sheet also in different languages.

The data sheet is issued in about 3-5 working days, the shipment takes place by express courier and the delivery in 90% of European cities takes place within 24 hours. For shipping outside Europe we use express air mail which delivers in 5-7 days. In any case, a digital copy can be obtained free of charge as soon as the document is issued.

To order the technical data sheet for your vehicle, simply fill in the form at the end you are asked to attach a vehicle document, if a purchase invoice or an equivalent document is sufficient where the vehicle data are noted.

The technical information relating to your model is stored on the technical sheet, however, although the equipment of your vehicle can be changed, and therefore it is necessary to update the technical sheet. The notes’ section during the order process can be used to write special requests. Widely used to insert other types of wheel not marked in the registration document.

For all our business customers a specific assistance service is active in this case, just write an email to our assistance center attaching the vehicle document, writing the information you need. It is often used to find out the emission levels of a model before purchasing.

The EURO 1-2-3-4-5-6 classification of emissions is also reported in the data sheet.

The COC document, acronym for Certificate of Conformity, is a document  produced by the manufacturer where the technical characteristics and vehicle approval codes are reported. This document accompanies all the documents that are registered for the first time in Europe. This document must be requested “in duplicate” directly to the manufacturer, with waiting times of 1-3 months. As an alternative to the official document we offer the CdS a complete technical data sheet of the vehicle which contains all the technical data as well as the COC, the data are collected from official databases and are useful for facilitating the compilation of the registration forms or handling customs procedures.