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The Lincoln Model KB is a historic luxury car revered for its craftsmanship and opulent features. With its graceful lines and powerful engine, the Model KB offered drivers a luxurious driving experience during the early 20th century. Renowned for its elegant styling and smooth performance, the Model KB remains a symbol of prestige and sophistication in automotive history.
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Featuring a V12 engine producing 150 horsepower, the Lincoln Model KB was a true masterpiece of automotive engineering during its time. Its advanced engine technology was complemented by luxurious amenities such as fine leather upholstery and intricate wood veneer trim, setting a new standard for opulence in the luxury car market. In addition to its exquisite interior, the Model KB also boasted a sleek exterior design that exuded elegance and sophistication. With its combination of power, style, and luxury, the Lincoln Model KB truly represented the epitome of automotive craftsmanship in the early 20th century.


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    • Aviator, Corsair, Continental, Navigator, Nautilus, MKC, MKZ, MKX, MKT, MKS, Town Car, Zephyr, Mark VIII, Mark LT, Blackwood, LS, Capri, Versailles, Cosmopolitan, Premier, H-series, Custom, Model K, Model L, Model H, Model KA, Model KB, Model K-series, Model K-series V-12, Model K-series V-8, Model L-series, Model K-series V-12, Model K-series V-8
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