if a COC DAIHATSU Midget it's not available CDS is the perfect alternative

The Midget is a classic sports car manufactured by MG, known for its nimble handling, spirited performance, and timeless design. With its lightweight construction, responsive engine, and agile chassis, the Midget delivers an exhilarating driving experience on both road and track. Designed for enthusiasts who appreciate classic British sports cars, this MG model embodies the essence of open-air motoring and driving pleasure.
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The Midget's iconic design features a sleek, compact body that exudes elegance and charm, making it a standout among classic sports cars. Its low center of gravity and well-tuned suspension allow for precise cornering and effortless maneuverability, ensuring a dynamic and thrilling ride every time you get behind the wheel. Whether you're cruising along winding country roads or pushing the limits on a race track, the Midget promises a truly unforgettable driving experience for those who crave the nostalgia and excitement of vintage sports cars. Experience the pure joy of driving with the MG Midget, where every journey is a celebration of automotive history and passion.


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