if a COC IVECO Iveco F5GE it's not available CDS is the perfect alternative

The Iveco F5GE is a series of natural gas engines designed for environmentally friendly transportation solutions. With their dedicated natural gas fuel system, electronic engine management, and emissions control technologies, the F5GE engines offer clean and efficient operation, making them suitable for urban buses, waste collection vehicles, and other commercial vehicles operating in urban areas with strict emissions regulations. With their low emissions, reduced noise levels, and excellent performance, the F5GE engines provide a sustainable and cost-effective power solution for operators committed to environmental stewardship.
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Iveco's commitment to sustainable transportation is evident in the innovative design of the F5GE series of natural gas engines. These engines are not only environmentally friendly, but also incredibly reliable and powerful. The dedicated natural gas fuel system ensures efficient operation, while the electronic engine management and emissions control technologies work together seamlessly to reduce harmful pollutants. In addition to their clean operation, the F5GE engines also excel in performance, delivering the power needed for urban buses and waste collection vehicles to navigate busy city streets with ease. Operators can rest assured knowing that they are not only meeting strict emissions regulations, but also saving on operational costs in the long run. The F5GE series truly represents a shift towards a more sustainable and responsible future in transportation.


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    • Iveco Daily, Eurocargo, Stralis, Trakker, Astra, Powerstar, Eurotech, Eurotrakker, Hi-Way, Stralis Hi-Way, Trakker Hi-Road, X-Way, Zeta, S-Way, Cursor, Tector, Aifo, N40 N45 N67, F1C, F3BE, F4BE, F4GE, F5CE, F5DE, F5GE, F6CE, F6DE, F6GE, F7CE, F7DE, F7GE, F8BE, F8CE, F8DE, F8GE, F9CE, F9DE, F9GE
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