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The iR-10, by Great Wall Motors (GWM), is a compact hatchback that offers versatility and practicality for urban living. With its sporty design and agile performance, the iR-10 is perfect for navigating city streets with ease. Powered by efficient engines, this hatchback delivers a responsive and fuel-efficient performance, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting and errands. Inside, the cabin provides a comfortable and ergonomic space, equipped with modern amenities for convenience and entertainment. Compact yet versatile, the iR-10 offers a fun and enjoyable driving experience for urban dwellers and young professionals alike.
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The iR-10 by Great Wall Motors (GWM) is not just your average compact hatchback – it's a stylish and dynamic urban companion that exudes personality and functionality. With its sleek design and nimble handling, the iR-10 is a joy to drive through crowded city streets. But what really sets this hatchback apart is its impressive fuel efficiency and responsive engines, making it a practical and cost-effective choice for daily commuting and running errands. Step inside the cabin and you'll find a spacious and well-designed interior, complete with state-of-the-art technology and entertainment features that enhance the driving experience. Whether you're a young professional or urban dweller, the iR-10 offers a perfect blend of fun, versatility, and comfort for your everyday adventures.


    • 179,00 Ex. VAT
    • Dallara: DW12, IL15, IR-12, P217, Stradale, F3, F2, GP2, GP3, F312, F3 T12, F3-2018, iR-01, iR-02, iR-03, iR-04, iR-05, iR-07, iR-08,  iR-09, iR-10, iR-11, iR-12,  iR-13, iR-14, iR-15,  iR-16,  iR-18, iR-19, iR-20,  iR-21, iR-22, iR-23, iR-24, iR-25, iR-26, iR-27,  iR-28, iR-29, iR-30, iR-31, iR-32, iR-33, iR-34, iR-35, iR-36,  iR-37, iR-38, iR-39, iR-40, iR-41, iR-42, iR-43,  iR-44, iR-45, iR-46,  iR-47, iR-48,…
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