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The F312, by GWM (Great Wall Motors), is a compact sedan that embodies elegance and practicality. Ideal for urban commuters and small families, this sedan offers a balance of style, comfort, and affordability. Its sleek exterior design exudes sophistication while its interior boasts a spacious cabin equipped with modern amenities. Powered by efficient engines, the F312 delivers a smooth and fuel-efficient performance, making it suitable for daily driving and longer journeys alike. Whether navigating city streets or cruising on the highway, the F312 promises a comfortable and enjoyable ride for all occupants.
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The F312, by GWM (Great Wall Motors), goes beyond just being a compact sedan-it is a symbol of innovation and modernity in the automotive world. Not only does it offer elegance and practicality for urban commuters and small families, but it also provides an unmatched driving experience. With its advanced safety features, such as blind spot detection and lane departure warning, the F312 ensures a secure journey for all passengers. Additionally, its cutting-edge infotainment system and ergonomic design elements make every ride a luxurious experience. The F312 is not just a car, it is a statement of style and sophistication on the roads.


    • 179,00 Ex. VAT
    • Dallara: DW12, IL15, IR-12, P217, Stradale, F3, F2, GP2, GP3, F312, F3 T12, F3-2018, iR-01, iR-02, iR-03, iR-04, iR-05, iR-07, iR-08,  iR-09, iR-10, iR-11, iR-12,  iR-13, iR-14, iR-15,  iR-16,  iR-18, iR-19, iR-20,  iR-21, iR-22, iR-23, iR-24, iR-25, iR-26, iR-27,  iR-28, iR-29, iR-30, iR-31, iR-32, iR-33, iR-34, iR-35, iR-36,  iR-37, iR-38, iR-39, iR-40, iR-41, iR-42, iR-43,  iR-44, iR-45, iR-46,  iR-47, iR-48,…
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