if a COC Mash Motorcycle Desert Force 125 Limited Edition it's not available CDS is the perfect alternative

Prepare for epic desert adventures with the Sinnis Desert Force 125 Limited Edition, a specialized off-road motorcycle designed for conquering the toughest terrain. Featuring exclusive finishes and premium features, this limited-edition bike offers a unique combination of style and performance. With its powerful engine and rugged design, the Desert Force 125 Limited Edition is ready to take on any challenge the desert has to offer.
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  • DATA SHEET (CdS) Mash Motorcycle
    • DATA SHEET (CdS) Mash Motorcycle
    • DATA SHEET (CdS) Mash Motorcycle

    • 139,00 Ex. VAT
    • Can-am: Seventy 125, Seventy Five 125, Black Seven 125, Two Fifty, Scrambler 125, Adventure 400, CafĂ© Racer 125, Dirt Track 125, Falcone 125, Five Hundred, Force 4, Roadstar 50, Roadstar 125, Silver Knight 125, TT40 CafĂ© Racer 400, City 125, Roadstar 250, Seventy Five 250, Scrambler 250, Desert Force 400, Five Hundred Limited Edition, Dirt Track 250, Sixty Five 125,…
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