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The Cosmopolitan, produced by Lincoln, is a luxurious full-size sedan that exudes sophistication and refinement. With its sleek exterior design and spacious interior, the Cosmopolitan offers drivers and passengers a comfortable and indulgent driving experience. Equipped with advanced technology features, such as a touchscreen infotainment system, adaptive suspension, and driver-assistance technologies, the Cosmopolitan provides both luxury and peace of mind on the road.
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The Lincoln Cosmopolitan is more than just a car – it's a statement of elegance and style on the road. Its attention to detail is evident in every curve and line, showcasing the craftsmanship and luxury that Lincoln is known for. The interior is not just spacious, but meticulously designed for utmost comfort and convenience, with premium materials and thoughtful amenities at every turn. The advanced technology features are seamlessly integrated into the driving experience, ensuring a smooth and safe journey for all occupants. Whether you're commuting to work or taking a leisurely road trip, the Lincoln Cosmopolitan delivers an unparalleled driving experience that blends luxury with peace of mind.


    • 139,00 Ex. VAT
    • Aviator, Corsair, Continental, Navigator, Nautilus, MKC, MKZ, MKX, MKT, MKS, Town Car, Zephyr, Mark VIII, Mark LT, Blackwood, LS, Capri, Versailles, Cosmopolitan, Premier, H-series, Custom, Model K, Model L, Model H, Model KA, Model KB, Model K-series, Model K-series V-12, Model K-series V-8, Model L-series, Model K-series V-12, Model K-series V-8
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