Terms & conditions

1.0 General

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions are issued by Smart Solution 2030 SL Rambla de Catalunya 38 8-1 CIF B06891733, (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) : Owner of the website www.coceurope.eu (hereinafter referred to as “The Website” or “The Site”).

1.2 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions” or “T&Cs” or “The Terms”) apply to all users of The Site. If you do not agree with The Terms you must leave The Site immediately.

1.3 All individual users of The Website are hereinafter referred to as the “Site User” or “Customer”.

1.4 The Site primarily exists to act as an intermediary in providing vehicle documents (hereinafter referred to as a “Vehicle Document”) to The Customer. A Vehicle Document refers to a document that is issued by an independent part through a data search job, in no way can the eCoC be compared to an official document. The mentioned Vehicle Document has the purpose of confirms that the given vehicle fulfils certain technical, safety and/or environmental requirements and/or contains information about a vehicle’s original specification.

2.0 Customer Purchase Process

2.1 All Customers buying a eCoC from The Site will enter into an online ordering and payment process (hereinafter referred to as an “Customer Purchase Process”)

2.2 The Customer Purchase Process collects information about the Customer electronically. The Customer Purchase Process also collects information about the specification of the vehicle for which The Customer wishes to obtain a eCoC. The Customer Purchase Process involves the following stages:

[1] Collect vehicle specific information via an online order form,
[2] Collect additional vehicle specific information via an online order form,
[3] Collect The Customers personal contact and payment details via an online order form,
[4] The Customer makes an online payment via an online order payment system,
[5] A confirmation email containing all information provided in the order form is sent to the customer and to The Company’s administrators,
[6] The Customer receives the Vehicle Document either via physical post or courier delivery (depending on the shipment method selected during the ordering process).

2.3 When The Customer completes step four of the Customer Purchase Process section i.e. “section 2.2 [4]”, The Customer enters into a binding contract with The Company.

2.4 By entering into the Customer Purchase Process, The Customer confirms that he or she fully agrees and accepts the communication in the Customer Purchase Process via electronic submission, and via physical post.

2.5 The Customer Purchase Process may include the following:

a) Name and surname or the business name of the Customer, the delivery address, telephone number, invoice data,
b)Type of the vehicle, make of the vehicle, model of the vehicle, country of registration, Vehicle Identification Number (hereinafter referred to as the “VIN number of the vehicle”), year of first registration, the country the vehicle is being exported from, the country the vehicle is being imported into,
c) The Customer Purchase Process may also include other data, including but not limited to the type approval number, colour of the vehicle, or information related to the subject-matter of the order (copy of vehicle registration certificate, copy of purchase contract, copy of the identification card of the Customer, and photographs of the vehicle’s manufacturer label or certain vehicle components).

2.6 A Customer Purchase Process that does not include all the data mentioned in point 2.5 shall not be taken into account as the proposal to conclude a contract. In such a case The Company shall contact the Customer seeking additional information.

3.0 Rights And Duties Of The Company

3.1 The Company has the duty:

a) to deliver the eCoC to The Customer according to the information entered the Customer Purchase Process, and to package it or ensure its protection during the delivery,
b) to provide a Vehicle Document to The Customer in the shortest period possible,
c) in the case that The Company learns of an event that will or may result in a prolonged period for processing the Customer Purchase Process, The Company shall be obliged to notify The Customer of this status without any undue delay.

3.2 The Company reserves the right:

a) to full and proper and timely payment from The Customer for the delivery of the Vehicle Document,
b) to a technical shut down of the system and maintenance that may cause the temporary unavailability of The Site,
c) to withdraw the contract if we feel that the law or these terms have been broken by The Customer,
d) to refuse the order, if the Customer has any outstanding liabilities from previous periods towards The Company,
e) to withdraw the contract in case of the unavailability or non-existence of the Vehicle Document, or impossibility to perform the order.

4.0 Rights And Duties Of The Customer

4.1 The Customer has the duty:

a) to provide real legal data in the order,
b) to attach documents to the order required for its processing,
c) to pay for the eCoC in a proper and timely manner,
d) to update its personal data and other Customer related information in the event of their change by e-mail to info@licenseplate.store This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by their change directly in the personal virtual account kept at www.coceurope.eu
e) to ensure the trouble-free take-over of the Vehicle Document delivery, in particular the Customer shall be available at the telephone number specified for the delivery on the days of the planned delivery or to be present at the delivery address in case of courier delivery,
f) to ensure that all data provided is legal and used for good intention.

4.2 The Customer shall have the right:

a) to a 90% refund of the payment for the Vehicle Document, in case of the unavailability or non-existence of technical information for the particular vehicle, or if it is not possible to perform the order; in such a case, the payment shall be refunded to the Customer without any undue delay.
b) to ask for a maximum refund of 100% if the eCoC has not been delivered within 60 days of the maximum estimated delivery time.

5.0 Payment Conditions

5.1 Payment for the Vehicle Document may be sent with varius metod with different methods

5.2 Payment for the sourcing and delivery of a eCoC shall be considered to be sent at the moment of the total payment receipt on the account of The Company, unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.

5.3 The Company requires the advance sending of payment for the sourcing of a Vehicle Document, namely after the binding confirmation of the order by The Customer, save where otherwise provided by these Terms and Conditions or the Agreement of the parties.

5.4 The Company reserves the right to agree upon different payment conditions with the Customer than those mentioned herein.

5.5 The Provider reserves the right to issue discount vouchers at will. Discount vouchers may not be used retroactively, but rather only with a new Order and that no later than when filling out the Customer Purchase Process forms. Discount vouchers may not be used after their expiry date. Discount vouchers have no monetary value and, in case of their expiry, loss, or theft (in case of an individual discount voucher), The Customer may not request their replacement or cash compensation. It is assumed that the vouchers are used by The Customers in good faith. If The Company has a reasonable suspicion that the voucher was used unjustifiably or in breach of these conditions, The Company shall be entitled to reject or cancel any vouchers issued as of that moment, and the respective Customer shall have no right to any claims from the Provider as a result of such a rejection or cancellation.

6.0 Order Cancellation

6.1 Order cancellation by The Customer: The Customer shall have the right to cancel the order without giving a reason at any time before its binding confirmation. The Customer cannot cancel the order, however, after its binding confirmation i.e. after stage four “[4]”of section 2.2, The Customer cannot cancel the order. In case of an attempted order cancellation after binding confirmation agreement, The Company shall have the right to claim the full amount of payment from The Customer when the Provider has already incurred costs in connection with the sourcing of the Vehicle Document.

6.2 Order cancellation by the Provider: The Company reserves the right to cancel the order or its parts in the following case: The Vehicle Document is not delivered or the price specified by the subcontractor has substantially changed. If such a situation arises, The Company shall contact The Customer immediately in order to reach an agreement on the next steps;

6.3 Unless otherwise stated we do not issue refunds.

7.0 Liability

7.1 The Provider shall not be liable for:

a) late delivery of the Vehicle Document caused by the deliverer (the shipping company),
b) late delivery of the Vehicle Document caused by the wrong address entered by the Customer as the recipient of the delivery,
c) damage of the delivery caused by the deliverer (the shipping company),
d) wrong data on the Vehicle Document caused by the incorrect completion of the order by The Customer. e) loss of delivery caused by wrong address entered by The Customer as the recipient of the delivery.

8.0 Complaints

8.1 The Customer shall be obliged to notify The Company of any possible defects in the Vehicle Document without any undue delay by telephone or e-mail, and to send the Vehicle Document together with the enclosed invoice to the address of The Company’s office. The Provider shall be liable only for those defects in the Vehicle Document that were caused by The Company.

9.0 Protection Of Personal Data

9.1 The Company collects personal data of The Customer solely to fulfill his or her obligations towards The Customer. The Company shall be held responsible regarding the personal data of the Customer not being used for other purposes, primarily that such data will not be made available to third parties (except within the scope needed for the delivery of the Vehicle Document).

9.2 The Provider may provide summary statistical data about its customers, visit rate, turnover, and other data to third parties or the public, if it is not possible to identify the individual Customers on their basis.

10.0 Final Terms

10.1 The Company reserves the right to amend The Terms. Each amendment to the Terms and Conditions shall be valid when the Terms and Conditions are published on The Site in the full text (and the latest), and the Terms and Conditions that are changed in this way shall come into force on the date specified therein.

10.2 By sending the binding confirmation of the electronic order, the Customer accepts without reservation all the provisions of the Terms and Conditions in the wording valid on the day when this order was sent.

10.3 These Terms and Conditions shall come into force and effect from June 24th 2019.