Certificate of conformity

Easiest way to register your car in all European states. Order your CoC (Certificate of Conformity) now and register your car quickly.


  • Copy of the registration papers
  • Vin Numer and Model
  • Invoice (optional)

What is a CoC?

Certificate of Conformity or COC is an official document of a vehicle. This document contains 52 technical points and is available for almost every European vehicle that is built after 1996. The document has different names. The official term is a Certificate of Conformity, but it is also called a CVO or a birth certificate. Not to be mistaken for a Certificate of Origin, which has almost the same abbreviation (COO).

Why i need a CoC?

This document often simplifies the import/export process of a vehicle. The Dutch registration card in combination with the export form (part 2) is often not sufficient enough when re-registering a car. In this case, a COC document can be requested when it is not already present in the car. The document shows that the vehicle meets the statutory admission requirements.

How Long i get Certificate of Conformity?

Generally the CoC is issued in 2-3 working days and sent to the address of the client by express courier for special cases the issue can take place with a few days of delay but in any case not later than 7-8 working days.

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Pauline Mertz
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Freddy Martinez
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A nice professional experience, the certificate arrived two days earlier than expected. Congratulations! #certificateofconformity #licenseplate #importcars
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Mark Vauny
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"I received an impeccable service, attentive to my needs and really professional."


Issued in 1-2 Work Days
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Full Techical Details

The COC will contain all the technical details which are required by local authorities. We work together with accredited bodies, who are certified to establish the COC. This we can guarantee a hassle-free registration of your vehicle with this document.

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