If you are looking for a new used vehicle, you must surely be able to scour the hundreds of offers available on the ad sites at your fingertips. Buying a used vehicle can lead you to risk but how can you avoid it? Reply!


The different points to check

Differentiate private professionals

Trust an intermediary like Kyump!

The different points to check

  1. Inside and outside of the car

Even if you are not an automotive professional, everything is to be sifted to identify anomalies before deciding on the purchase. When visiting the vehicle, you will need to check inside as well as outside the car: body condition, windshield, bumper, headlights, mirrors, engine, oil levels, battery, radiator, seats, lights, steering wheel, dashboard … Do not forget any details to check that nothing is damaged. You will then avoid investing in an insecure vehicle.

  1. The number of kilometres

The number of kilometres travelled by the vehicle is as important to inspect. A particular seller may lie about his or her number so make sure it is the right one by checking what is marked on the meter and what is mentioned in the service book.

  1. Invoices, the technical control and the maintenance book

Simply, having an eye on the invoices, the technical control and the maintenance booklet, you will get a little idea about the maintenance of the vehicle and the seriousness of the seller. This will allow you to see the repairs that have been made to the vehicle. If everything is in order, there is normally no problem.

  1. Possible guarantees

In case you buy directly from an individual, you will have no guarantee. If you hire a professional to buy your vehicle, the warranties are not free and will in most cases be expensive. Inquire by asking the question about the possible guarantees subscribed by your salesman.

  1. The behaviour of the car during the test drive

Test the car on the road will allow you to see if you feel good inside if the seat is comfortable and especially if you feel safe. Run the gearbox, brakes and clutch as usual and make your own opinion. Feel free to listen to the sound of the engine. A suspicious sound could call into question the current state of the vehicle.

Differentiate private professionals

  1. The guarantee of a professional

Do you prefer to play the security card and buy your next vehicle from a professional? unlike the individual, the professional provides you with a minimum mechanical warranty of three months. This is not insignificant since in case of breakdown, breakage or if you discover hidden defects, the responsibility lies with the professional.

The disadvantage of some professionals is that they do not necessarily have the model you are looking for. In this case, use an agent, by purchasing volumes of models, it will surely find the model you want.

Be aware, however, that prices are higher than those of an individual. Count between 5 to 15% more expensive!

  1. A good deal of an individual

Buying from an individual will save you a little money. Be aware that generally, individuals offer vehicles at lower rates and they can even be negotiated. However, you will not have a guarantee and you may be faced with scams. You will also need to check all the points covered in the first part, which can be binding when you are not an automotive professional.

In case of malfunction, the particular seller may not bear his faults unlike the professional. In some cases, you will have to initiate legal proceedings.

And if we could have both? Klump offers you its solution!

For four years, Kyump has been offering its solution to thousands of sellers and buyers throughout France. A trusted intermediary between individuals, the Kyump team is responsible for connecting sellers and buyers of used cars by taking care of the many tasks that individuals must respect.

To do this, the company carries out an inspection of all its cars on 200 checkpoints with its inspectors. This allows the potential buyer to find a quality car and at a lower price on average 5% over a dealer’s price.

In addition, unlike a professional, Kyump receives only a low commission (5 to 6% on average) and guarantees all vehicles for a minimum of 6 months.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the Kyump service can potentially meet your expectations!

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