San Marino: Electric vehicles

San Marino: Electric vehicles

Variations are unavailable for the sustainable movement in San Marino, a far-reaching situation in the centre of Italy in the extremes of Italy, with the intent of using them in a place of peace, mainly through the use of fuel alternatives, such as electricity or el hidrógeno.

During the last months, San Marino has established a series of initiatives to favour the use of alternative fuels such as hydrogen. In December 2018, recharging points began to be installed throughout the state, as well as establishing a series of advantages when purchasing these vehicles. But these are not the only measures, a new system of registration has begun to be used since February with the aim of differentiating electric vehicles.

On February 1, 2019 (after the Decree presented on January 31, 2019 (no. 22)), new license plates for electric vehicles were presented. These plates have the same design as the ordinary system, but with the peculiarity of being shown in green on a white background, and starting with the letters VE = Electric Vehicle, followed by three numbers.

These plates are destined to the new vehicles 100% ecological, including automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles and mopeds. For the eco-friendly cars that were already registered before the incorporation of this new system (68 at the end of March 2019), the possibility of requesting a change of registration in the Office of Vehicles and Registration of Transport is established. The registration plates have a size of 390 × 120 millimetres (mm.), The shield of San Marino being shown on the left side of the plate. The characters are shown in relief, starting with the letters VE, followed by three numeric characters, 79 mm in height, 45 mm in width, and 12.5 in separation. The plates have a rim of 4 mm in yellowish green RAL6018. The motorcycles have dimensions of 165 × 165 mm, starting with the letters VE followed by four numbers. For mopeds, the plates have dimensions of 60 x 25.5 mm. Once this system is completed reaching number 999, a new configuration will be used.

This measure of introduction of special license plates for electric vehicles, is accompanied by the creation of a long series of charging points throughout the state. Last December also introduced a series of advantages when it comes to the creation of charging points in private buildings and tax advantages, such as the reduction of € 2,500 for vehicles that emit between 21 and 70 grams per km of CO2. Both measures are expected to be maintained until the end of this year 2019.

San Marino becomes, therefore, in the following country of the European Union with a special system for electric license plates. Other countries with this type of system are Norway, Monaco, Czech Republic, Austria … and probably other states such as the United Kingdom, Slovakia or Spain will adopt it in the not too distant future.

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